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Danny Ray’s OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO release of his upbeat, light-hearted and fun-loving single Facebookville…Available now in itunes:

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Honestly Offended; Honestly Thankful!

If I’m being totally honest, I’m offended on a daily basis by how many people in the media portray conservative people like me to be waging a war on women, simply because I abhor abortion and think religious institutions, companies or anyone else should not be forced to pay for abortions with tax dollars, let alone pay for everybody’s contraception. Seems to me, the real “war on women” is being waged by Islam.

I’m offended we have a President who would rather have a baby that survives abortion be left to die, because he is more concerned about the original intent of the mother’s “choice”.

I’m offended everyday by those who constantly claim that conservative people like me, hate homosexuals, simply because we believe the sanctity of marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. Hey, news flash, President Obama claimed to believe the same thing up until a few months ago, but I never heard anyone accusing him of being a gay basher. I don’t want to take away anyone’s freedom to be anything they want to be in this country, but don’t take away my freedom to stand up for my beliefs. I sure don’t want anyone to lose basic freedoms or be killed because of their sexuality, but conservatives are attacked over this daily. The truth is that in Islamic controlled parts of the world, homosexual behavior can result in the death penalty.

On another point; our tax dollars have helped fund artists efforts who depict the crucifix in a glass of urine. Were Christians offended by this??? Sure! Did anyone die over it? I don’t think so. What if Mohammad was depicted in this fashion? Would the artist of that piece of work be responsible for the actions of individuals Muslims worldwide? In reference to this film that caused such a fury, I totally disagree that this filmmaker has any responsibility for the actions of individual Muslims resulting in four U.S. deaths. I’m speaking out against Islam at this very moment, so if someone gets killed in another country or right next door, am I responsible? Freedom of Speech is at stake and the strange thing is that so many Liberals think conservatives are the culprits. I don’t care how many liberals want to start their own talk shows, or tv shows, ect. It’s America…have at it, speak up, but don’t expect conservatives to shut up!

Also, I’m exhausted about people pointing out the illegitimacy of Fox News. However, I don’t usually say anything about it, because everyone has a right to say whatever they want to about Fox news. But, if it is being suggested that MSNBC, CNN, and CBS report without extreme bias towards left leaning viewpoints, then I’m totally confounded. Great thing is….we can agree to be confounded about each others beliefs without fear of retribution, other than possibly losing a few facebook friends.

I’m beginning to think this act of terrorism on 09/11/2012 had less to do with a film insulting Mohammad or Islam, than it was about being a planned attack in retaliation for drone strikes taking out other top al-Qaeda leaders. If by chance, this is the case, then would the person who ordered the drone strikes be responsible for the four US deaths? No. If we think like this, then we are submitting to the wishes of those who don’t cherish the freedoms our soldiers lay down their lives for on a daily basis.

You don’t stop the bully on the playground by submitting to the bully. Sure, things on the playground might be more peaceful…temporarily, but at some point, you have to confront the bully, to find real peace (I learned this 30 years ago by watching the Andy Griffith show). It just so happens that Sharia Law is the rule of law laid down by the Bully on the playground. It cannot co-exist with the U.S. constitution.

One man’s opinion, but I think the anger over this “film” was simply used as one more excuse to follow the tenets of Islam. Remember what they shouted as they stormed our Embassy and shredded our flag? Probably not, because it was hardly reported! From what I understand, they shouted “Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas!” Catch that? A Billion Osamas? So, are we really supposed to believe that those who hold these radical Islamic beliefs are the minority of muslims? Yes, we are; and we are also supposed to believe that conservatives such as me are the “real radicals” who pose the greatest threat to American Civilization. Yes, we are!

Again, I’m offended. More than that, I’m thankful I’m offended! I’m thankful that I live in a country where others have the freedom to offend me on a daily basis. But let me say this…I’m also offended that our President felt it necessary to apologize for the freedom of speech we hold so dear; that our President has no problem with offending conservative citizens on a regular basis, claiming they are leading a “war on women”, but can barely utter the words “war on terror”. Yes, I’m offended, but I’m offended with a thankful heart. God bless America!

Life, Liberty and the Assurance of Happiness…I guess if I believed healthcare should be a right, then I would concurrently believe that housing, clothing and food should be a right…I mean, these basic needs may potentially be even more important to many people on a daily basis.  Thus, a Doctor should be forced to provide any service he is able to provide, even if the patient can’t pay for it and even more so if it goes against his conscience.   Realistically, the tax-payer should pay for all this and the government should have total control over what treatments should be provided and what medicines should be distributed.

But then again, people shouldn’t be burdened with a mortgage and banks shouldn’t expect hard working people or ” lazy people” for that matter, to pay for their unaffordable housing.  The taxpayer should ensure that everyone has a roof over their head and the government should have total control over deciding who gets what size house and how many bedrooms they need, which is already being discussed in some European Countries where Senior Citizens are taking up way too much space, holding onto three bedroom houses and depriving the younger thriving population from much needed space, those selfish seniors should be ashamed!  They should also be cleaning out their closet space anyway, to redistribute their clothes to healthier people who get out far more.

The dollar, which some would argue is being purposely inflated, should be done away with and every citizen should be given a Debit card for the purchase of clothes and food.  In fact, to help with global warming, the government should issue laws to discontinue the allowance of clothing colors.  All clothing will be white and all food should be monitored.

Twinkies should be outlawed for anyone over fifty and rationed for anyone under fifty…lawbreakers should be hit with a Twinkie tax.  Each family will be given the allowance of one car, which will be a Chevy Volt, end of story.  Only government employees and politicians will be given waivers to own gasoline powered vehicles.

Oh yeah, and all contraception, vasectomies and abortions will be issued “FREE of Charge” and mandated in all health insurance plans provided by anyone stupid enough to start a business.  All business start ups would be better initiated by the government which truly knows best.

Let’s not forget that Rush Limbaugh should be banned from the airwaves and possibly indicted for his racial and culturally divisive rants.  However, for the good of society in general, the government will provide waivers for wonderful movie producers such as Michael Moore and rappers such as Lil Wayne and non-controversial left leaning liberal media personalities, who only have the good of the country at heart, fully recognizing there is no major media bias on the left, only on the right, by those crazy tea-bagging (obvious non-threatening, positive language with well-meaning discourse intended) gun-toting, redneck creationists clinging to their guns and religion…meaning our less intelligent brothers and sisters in Christ, who have a hard time dealing with reasoning skills, because they are so irrational.

China will be praised.  The United States pro-choice government will provide parents with a choice, to have one child, one boy or one girl, twins will not be tolerated.  However, twins can be aborted at no extra charge.  Violators of this pro-choice law will be heavily taxed, with an accelerated human production fee.   Breastfeeding will be mandated, due to the reduction of cows in response to the increase of green house gases produced by cattle continually plagued with constant flagellation.  The White House will be afforded a fully renewable, unlimited, White Milk waiver for their favorite cereal, Trix.

This is life, liberty, health care, housing, clothing, sustenance and the assurance of happiness, guaranteed by the declaration of “dependence”, ensuring individual rights should simply trample over individual freedoms….Freedom is so overrated anyhow and entirely subjective for that matter!  Apparently, one man’s trash is another man’s freedom and one man’s freedom should be thrown in the trash.

Think Again

You can’t convince me, it’s not a baby; it’s got a heartbeat, it’s a life worth saving; the innocent with no defense, cry out for common sense; that must not be so common here these days; but if you’re thinking we’ll just shut our mouths, while you put them in their graves…Think again, think again, think about who you defend; every dollar that you send, lends a hand to puts an end, to the life of a little baby and just maybe you should…think again.

A musical blurb in response to Planned Parenthood and it’s supporters.  I firmly believe there is no question…that Abortion is not the answer!   I also firmly believe there is grace, mercy, peace and forgiveness for those who have been scarred by this modern day holocaust.  Jesus is here for those who’ve been there and there are millions upon millions.  Stop Abortion!

post in musical blurb form below:


When a roadblock blocks you in; when your wheels lose all their spin; when there’s no where left to turn; when there’s no more bridge to burn; when this world has let you down; when your hope becomes unfound; when you’re simply at a loss; when you wind up at the cross; Remember friend…no matter where you’ve been; Jesus always loved you…when.

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It’s safe, it’s warm, it’s a break from the storm; it’s friends and it’s family who gather to worship You Lord; it’s soft and it’s easy with those who believe, no doubt it’s the reason we’re always the last ones to leave; we’ve got a good feeling when we walk out the door, but when it’s all over, we know what’s in store; we’ve made you the God of our Sunday; Oh God, be the God of our Monday

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Incomplete; unrefined; imperfection; disinclined; unauthentic; counterfeit; unrelenting; hypocrite; non-courageous; unprepared; brokenhearted; empty; scared; all too often, we’ve been these; times too few, we’ve hit our knees; but when we do, we are remade; undefined by our mistakes; pardoned; polished; loved; forgiven; redefined beyond description.

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Out of sight, out of mind, out of reason, out of rhyme, no ideas, out of gas, out of sugar, milk and cash, out of take, out of give, out of breath, out of biz, out of touch, out of place, out of patience, out of faith;  still out of nothing, out of dust, God created, out of love, because of this, I’m out of doubt and will never go without.


Empty out your wallet; empty out your mind; empty out the hours spent simply wasting time; empty out the dresser; empty out the drawer; empty out the hidden closets always wanting more; empty out the garbage; empty out the trash; empty out the words of cynics plainly talking smack; empty out the emptiness that’s filling up your cup, empty out yourself enough so God can fill you up….:)

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